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Koru Fx Pro Creme


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Koru FX Pro is our new professional-grade solution designed for massaging, larger joint and muscle groups

There are several rare plants growing wild in New Zealand and Australia who's oils have been used to support healthy joints and muscles in traditional practice for centuries. Koru Nutrition combines these oils into an effective topical cream.

Koru FX is based on the latest studies, research, and scientific evidence to ensure only the highest quality ingredients make it into the bottle.

One of the key ingredients is a potent form of Eucalyptus. This native Australian tree features leaves with a high cineole content. For generations, Eucalyptus was traditionally used to soothe and calm joints and muscles.
The noticeable difference of this formula in comparison to others on the market, comes from the unique essential oil blend of Almond, Arnica, Emu, Grapeseed, Marjoram, Peppermint, Juniper and Rosemary.
All powerful oils in their own right but 11x as effective when combined.
Next up is New Zealand Manuka Oil. By using a black pepper and nutmeg blend, it allows the Manuka Oil to absorb into skin for effective results.
Finally, the Calendula Oil binds it all together, acting as a perfect carrier. We tried 36 different oils before we found one that created synergy in this formula.
A simple combination of pure, all-natural oils, carefully blended for effective support for healthy joints and muscles.
The formula is called Koru FX, and it has become New Zealand’s #1 fastest growing natural topical creams for joint and muscle support.