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Merkabah Seed of Life


Brass Merkabah on Seed of Life on chain

Merkabah - Hebrew for Chariot MER- Light, KA - Spirit,  BAH - Body. Consists of 3 Tetrahendrons (Platonic Solids) Can be a tool to unlock your true inner powers and to connect with divinity.  Its the symbol that connects the spirit with the body and to the universe, reaching higher conciousness realms.  Great for astral travel.

Seed of Life - New Beginnings,  Creations and becoming the best version of yourself.  Comprises of 7 interlocking circles, the sacred number 7 is found in the colours of the rainbow, Days of the week, Musical notes,  Chakra centres. It is the beginning of the flower of life symbol.

Sacred Geometry Jewellery made in India.  Each piece has been handcrafted in a small family run business in India. By purchasing a piece not only will it enhance your own spiritual growth, it will help support a family.