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Nu Me Snappy For Pets and People


Nu Me Snappy For Pets and People

Choose from a Snappy bracelet for you or a Natty pet silicon casing for your pet.  Pendants and cases sold separately.  Photo is a guide.  Photos to come.

The Natty pendant gives great personal protection which is gentler than some of our more powerful products, which makes it great for kids and adult who are Electrosensitive. The protection field radius is approximately 3m (9.8 feet).

It has the same Nu-me insert as the Nu-me Snappy and the Natty silicon case colours are interchangeable.

The Natty offers:

  • Protect 24/7 from EMF
  • Help sleep
  • Help concentration and aid learning
  • Help heal and keeping well
  • Keep calm in any situation
  • Boost energy levels
  • Balance chakras
  • Aid the immune system
  • Protect 24/7 from all forms of unbalanced energy and entities.

Snappy sets include 1 pendant, wrist snappy and necklace. 

Single bracelets and cases do not include a pendant.  Photos are a guide.

Nu Me Natty Pet for your pet.  Comes in black.  Attach to their harness or collar or place in their bed.

Our pets are precious. They are affected by unbalanced and negative energy just as we are. Because our pets need protection too we have made a protective product for them. The Natty Pet a in a silicon case takes all the hard wear your pet can throw at it. With the same technology as any of our Nu-Me  it will give your pet a new lease of life. 

The Natty Pet will:

• Protect your pet from EMF radiation
• Balance its energy system
• Energize – give it back its youth.
• Keep it calm.
• Protect its health and well being
• Keep your pet in tip-top condition.
The Natty pet is suitable for any animal. It comes with a Nu-Me insert in a black silicon case with a jump ring to fit onto . You can  get a blue or red case from accessories to give your pet a fashion edge. 
Comes in black casing.  Please send us a message if you would like a different colour.  (Or you can purchase a cases individually.)
The Natty Pet is covered by our   guarantee so why take the risk of your beloved pet not having the best care possible.