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NZ Greenstone Pendants Assorted


NZ Greenstone pendant on cord. Sourced in the South Island, NZ.

Brian has collected, cut and polished these beautiful pieces of Rare NZ Greenstone that he collected many years ago from his trip to the West Coast of the South Island, NZ.  

We are grateful to Brian for bringing these beauties into our store.  And being able to offer them to you at very good prices.  All our greenstone is cleansed before going to its new home.  And we are happy to bless it for you too. 

Pounamu can represent ancestors, connection with the natural world or attributes such as strength, prosperity, love and harmony.Often used as a gift for significant milestones, a symbol of respect, love and or appreciation.

There are many beliefs surrounding pounamu.  They say you should not carve your own piece and nor should you buy for yourself.  Pounamu was a gift from the land and should always be a gift between two people.

These pendants have been graded and colour coded, so the size and weight varies dramatically. 

5 grams to 40 grams per pendant.

Photo is a guide.  Made in New Zealand.  Sold per pendant.