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Ocean Jasper Slice


Properties:  Ocean Jasper - Relaxation and focus.  All is interconnected and cyclical.  Suppoerts service to humanity.  Allows long-hidden emotional issues to surface.  Helps you to take responsiblity for self.  "Supreme nurturer."  Brings tranquillity, wholeness, protection. Facilitates dowsing, promots assertiveness, quick thinking, organisational abilities, seeing projects through.  Wear as appropriate on skin.  Wear/use for prolonged periods.

Dimensions: Approximately 5cm by 5cm. Price per crystal.  Colour can vary from photo.

Photo is indication only, due to the nature of the product it varies slightly in form and colour.

Disclosure:  Please note - we give no guarantees that crystals will help.  Always see your Doctor if you are worried about your health.