Pearl, MQ, Amethyst Earrings

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925 S/S Pearl, Mystic Quartz and Amethyst Earring. 5cm Drop


Appearance: Transparent, pointed quartz crystal.

Colour: pale to dark purple

Properties: Calms mind, enhances meditation, visualisation. Disperses psychic attack. Enhances psychic abilities, spiritual awareness. Aids in assimilation of ideas. Promotes selflessness. Supports sobriety, boosts hormones. Unites scattered energies. Treats tension headaches, migraines, insomnia. Aids endocrine glands, hearing.

Violet amethyst: Lighter vibration, works on profoundly spiritual level.

Position: All parts of body as appropriate, especially 3rd eye



Appearance: Iridescent, opaque to translucent. Colours: Red, white, silver, yellow, black, blue-green.

Properties: A protection stone that carries the healing power of the ocean and balances one's emotions, while bringing a sense of calm, and deep peace. Transmutes negative energies into abundance and prosperity. Increasing intuition, psychic abilities, and imagination. Aids with thinking, memory, and dream recall. Helps dizziness, vision, and healing wounds. Harmonize positive and negative feelings in the body. Aids honesty, integrity, confidence, self Esteem.

Position: Place or use as appropriate.


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Disclosure-If you’re worried about your health always see your doctor first. There are no guarantees with crystals, but they may enhance your life.