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Perfume Oil Krishna Musk 5ml


5ml Krishna Musk Perfume Oil in Hand-Blown Glass

Non alcoholic perfume oil in hand-blown glass bottle. The scent is carefully blended with essential oils and other natural ingredients to last longer and mature with time. The lovely perfume bottle is the perfect dressing table embellishment. Each glass bottle is individually mouth-blown and hand-finished by skilled artisans. HOW TO OPEN - Great care is required while handling and opening this delicate handmade glass bottle. It is sealed with wax. Dip the bottle's neck in warm water for around 30 seconds then gently twist to open the lid. In case the seal is still quite firm, dip in water for a few more seconds and then try twisting it open again. Once opened it cannot be carried in a handbag. It must be kept upright. WARNING: This bottle is made of delicate glass and is extremely fragile. Open gently and with caution. To avoid breaking the glass and any injury due to that, please follow the instructions on how to open this bottle carefully to release the wax seal.