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Spiritual Sessions with Brian


Brian is the founder of the School of Self Development and has been working with Spiritual Healing since 1973.  He uses the Zenna Healing process which involves connecting with Spirit and bringing through healing energy.  ZennaA sessions involve using a pendulum in a more scientific manner to clearly identify both strengths and weaknesses.  It can also be used to measure progress.  Transcension is an amazing process taking you to a state of ascension.  ZennaE* is a powerful emotional release technique.

Brian also runs workshops to teach the Zenna Healing Techinque and asks that you have not used alcohol or drugs within 24 horus of attending a session.

Testimonial from Lilian:  "I wish to thank Brian for his support with some concerns I had regarding my wellbeing and his consistency and commitment to our team.  He brings information and healing each time you are around him!  And if you need someone to really listen to you Brian is that person!  I wish you all the best on your new venture in the North Island, Brian."

Testimonial from Marguerite:  Reference for Brian.  May 2024.

I met Brian last year after a friend suggested he was an
interesting man to meet. I really enjoyed my sessions with
him and was excited to learn his techniques to help people
with Vaccine injuries. Our lives seem to be so toxic these days
in many ways and here was a system that addressed the
toxicity and discordant energy problems in the body, gently
and directly.
As a Vibrational Wellness Practitioner, his methods blended
beautifully with the rest of my 'tool kit' helping people heal
and grow into their best holistic selves.
Using 'spirit' to heal is such a wonderful gift to give to
another, in one-to-one or distant healing.
I would happily and whole-heartedly recommend a session or
workshop with Brian, knowing how much it has enhanced my
life by removing the toxins and fear.
Love and blessings,
Marguerite Linzel