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White Sage Hydrosol Spray 30ml


White Sage Hydrosol Spray 30ml NZ Made

This hydrosol has been created through steam distillation in small batches with a copper alembic still.  It only contains the most potent NZ grown, organic fresh white sage (Salvia Apiana) and distilled water.
This mist has been created to support your healing.  It will cleasr negative energy form your aura, allowing you to renew your energy and protect you from further negativity.
When to use:  Whenever you are feeling uncomfortable, angry, frustrated or upset.  When you have left a difficult situation.  Or when there has been a communication breakdown.  Before a healing or during a ritual.
How to use:  Connect to self, identify what you choose to release, spray the mist around you.  Imagine the mist clearing your energy aura.  As the cool mist touches your skin imagine it purifying your space, soothing your system.  
You can use it like you would a smoke wand and whenever if feels good to.
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