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Wooden Crystal Grids Flower of Life


Assorted wooden crystal grids - The gridlines are burnt in by Local Robyn from Crocheted & Burnt.   Comes with 7 mini crystals. (sku #14772)

Place your chosen main crystal in the centre of the grid and then add your crystal selection on the pattern to amplify your intentions.

Available from 9cm diameter up to 25cm diameter.

Photos are a guide and can vary as they are handmade.

Crystal Grids for beginners
Using your crystals with intention on a geometric placement.
Ensure your crystals are cleansed and you have thought about your intention.
You may like to light a candle or use a smudge stick/leaves.
What is your intention? For example, to manifest a house, money, lover, new job.
You may like to write this down and place it on your grid or under it if you are using
a candle.
Now which grid shall I use? If you are just starting out, we recommend a flower of
life grid.
Place your main crystal in the middle of the grid and add whichever other
crystals you choose. The crystals placed on and around the grid will intensify
the energy of your main crystal in the centre. For example, if you want to send
out loving energy, place a rose quartz in the centre and use either clear quartz
or amethyst crystal points, facing their points out to amplify the energy.
Now when you are ready read your intention out. Repeat it as you use a
crystal wand to draw connection of the energy lines between the crystals.
If you have the space, leave your grid set up and go back to it daily. Sit quietly
and read out your intention and draw the energy lines between the crystals.
See the end result clearly. Then when you are ready, thank the universe,
cleanse the space and crystals and put them away.
Using geometric shaped patterns is better for directing the energy. These
patterns can also be used to charge food, a drink bottle or glass of water.