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Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween Trick or Treat

Good morning!  Halloween in New Zealand.  We may not all know the meaning behind it but it is a bit of fun.  For me, I see the fun in the neighbourhood kids as they dress up and knock on our doors.  Often the community centres will put together an evening of fun for all.  James (our youngest son) and I love to attend.  Last year we attended a spook house at the Glenview Community Centre.  They do this 2 yearly and it was amazing!  Now that we have a real store, we get to share sweets to the kids at heart (no matter there age) and this year one of our lovely friends has shared game and puzzle sheets as an activity.  My mentor was born on Halloween so I have a treat instore for her :-)  As we are in lockdown, and reduced hours at work I am minding grandkids in the mornings and then working in the shop in the afternoons.  Our shop is open for pickups from 10am til 3pm.  You can come with your shopping list and we will collect your crystals and process your order while you are at the door too.  Yesterday the kids and I started Operation Reindeer, added antlers and red noes to the candy canes (eyes to come) and we made cupcakes and placed eye balls on top of the icing.  It is hard to stay positive with all that is happening around us and I have my good days and bad, but it's about lifting ourselves back up when we fall into that hole.  An increase in B Vits helps too, and I have my rescue remedy that Kaye made me some time ago, sitting on my desk.  Yes I remember sometimes to take it.  I am far from perfect, but I try to listen to my intuition.  Like everyone, do we all listen and act upon the messages we hear?  Or are there times when we have those moments like, oh I knew I should have.... To me that's the human side not always acting on the Spiritual side.  Like when we are at the supermarket and get the feeling to buy a tin of tomatoes and we question it and say no I've got plenty and home.  And then we get home only to find we don't.  Anyway to those of you that have kids have fun, and those who don't, have fun!  Love and light, Michelle and the Team @thecrystalpoint

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