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Welcome. We are a family run business. Our Crystals are from reputable suppliers. Phone/txt 02041925681


"How do I choose a crystal for me or someone else?"

"How do I choose a crystal for me or someone else?"

@thecrystalpoint our mission is to be of service and to provide the best crystal for you and the information that goes with that crystal.  If you need or want a specific piece and we don't have it, please ask and we will do our best to order in one for you.  If it is meant to be it will show up.  Our store is like the crossroads.  If you are meant to have a crystal or meet a person who can help you, then here is where it happens.  Hence we say The Crystal Point is where the magic begins...

A common question;  "When I go into a shop and there are so many forms of crystals, it is a bit overwhelming, how do I choose??"

Our answer;  "The Crystal will choose you.  If it is for someone else, think of that person.  It may be a colour that comes to mind that draws you to that crystal.  Go with your gut feeling and we can help you with that if it becomes too overwhelming.

We love to use resources like Judy Halls Crystal Prescription book for more specified requests, along with crystal cards and flowers.  I always felt that it was easier to choose a plant in the garden centre with a flower than it was to choose a crystal for someone.  So when you feel stuck, visualize walking into a garden and picking a flower to gift.  Now what colour is that flower? 

What you choose is the reason you need the crystal for.  All crystals have transformative properties that includes all the ones we have in the jewellery you wear too.  When you come in, we can give you information on how this works and how your jewellery can support you, so that the present that you buy is not just for being beautiful but has the same transformative qualities as in all our crystals.

Love and light, Michelle and the Team @thecrystalpoint

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