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Lions Gate Portal - An annual event

Lions Gate Portal - An annual event

Lions Gate Portal

The 8th August is when the Lions Gate Portal is open. It is an annual alignment of the Leo Sun and the star Sirius. It's a magical gateway filled with desires. This lunar phase is said to assist with releasing our trepidations and acknowledging our deepest wishes with the hope of making them a reality.

Open from the 26th July until the 12th August annually.  The 8th is the strongest day,  according to numerology.  As the number 8 represents infinity and the continuous circle of life and flow of energy.  The number 8 is also considered to be the number for abundance, prosperous and luck.  In astrology number 8 is for power and transformation.  In tarot it is strength.  In any case 8th August is a powerful day.  The day for courage and setting your intentions.

Focus on your goal setting - Write them into your diary or journal.  Be clear about what you want.  The more detail the better,  If you know, then the universe knows too.  Create a vision board on your phone or paper.

Carry crystals for luck – jade, tigers eye, citrine and malachite. 

Practice gratitude - Take time to notice the opportunities around you.

Self care - Connect with nature and make some time for self care.  Book a healing or a massage.  Paint your nails.  Have a soak in the bath.  Take a mix of Epsom or Himalayan salt and baking soda and exfoliate your skin in a foot bath or shower.

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