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Welcome. We are a family run business. Our Crystals are from reputable suppliers. Phone/txt 02041925681


Navigating the World of Crystals with Trevor

Navigating the World of Crystals with Trevor

Have you ever wondered about the enchanting world of crystals and their profound significance in spiritual practices? In this fascinating interview, we delve into the journey of Trevor Nelley of The Crystal Point, a seasoned expert in the realm of crystals and holistic living. From his early fascination with crystals to the invaluable insights he shares about Zodiac Gems, cleansing practices, and his thriving business, Trevor offers a captivating glimpse into the world of crystals and the transformative power they hold. MysticMag has the pleasure.

How did you get into crystals and what sparked your interest in the field?

I was about 10 years old when crystals first made an appearance in my life. It captivated me how such an amazing thing could be created by nature.


What are Zodiac Gems and what does one’s main gem represent?

The crystals associated with each of the Zodiac signs reflect the Character of the sign and resonate with the energy of each Zodiac sign. E.G. an Earth sign will have a grounding stone associated with it, and a Fire sign with have an energy stone association. The stones have a similar sign/energy they resonate with. Some star signs have the same or similar stones associated.

Typically, the primary stone of a star sign is in line with the Character of the star sign, however, there is more than 1 stone per sign, we normally work with the first 5 or so as being the primary stones per Zodiac sign, there can be 10 or more for each star sign. This is quite common as each stone works on different attributes of one’s persona, Chakras, or energy within the body & Mind/Spirit.

What’s the importance of Cleansing and Caring for your Crystals?

This is extremely important, as the crystals need to be cleansed every so often to ensure they can do the work they need to. Like changing the oil in your car to ensure it still runs well and continues to be reliable, your crystals need this service, as well. We recommend the Full Moon or New Moon for cleansing and the following day’s Sun to recharge them. Those people who do this regularly do notice a difference in their stones.

What else can people find in your shop?

We have a wide range of products available from Natural Cremes, Incense, Sage Smudging Wands to Books ( New ), Essential Oils, Perfume Oils and Blends, Candles and Burners, jewellery (low budget to Stirling Silver & Gold) high quality items, Pendants, Rings and Earrings, Feng Shui pieces, Crystal Drink Bottles, Singing bowls (Metal and Crystal) Tarot & Oracle Cards and a large range of Specimen and New Zealand sourced stones.

Through your website, people can also book different spiritual services and workshops. Can you share a few details about that part of your work?

Absolutely our website is completely inclusive for all our products and services, workshops can also be booked through the website or customers can come into our store and book or purchase, we run our website in conjunction with our actual store and this is live 24/7 whether the shop is open or not. What we have instore is loaded to our website so what our customers see is available to web shoppers and store visitors alike, as it runs in real-time and it out-of-stocks instantly any product that is sold out.

For anyone wanting to visit our store, we are at 152 Tuhikaramea Rd, Dinsdale, Hamilton. This is the main road out to the Mormon Temple from the Dinsdale Roundabout on the West side of the city. If readers aren’t able to make it to our store they can visit www.thecrystalpoint.nz.

Part of our expectations is our customer service and turnaround time for web orders as well. Any orders made over night from Sunday to Thursday nights are always processed the next morning by Michelle and I and despatched to the couriers we use. This means we typically have less than a 12-hour turnaround for most customers on their purchases, I.E. if you order today, you will typically have it tomorrow. That is to most places in the North Island unless you are Rural Delivery, this and South Island is usually the day after next.

Can you share a few more details about the history of your business?

Michelle and I started this business over 21 years ago by doing markets and shows. We moved into being the event organisers and setting our own 2 day shows up while both working full-time for other companies. About 10 years ago we stopped doing shows as our family had grown bigger so we opened our store in our garage at home part-time, my attitude to it was “if we were home – we were open” I didn`t turn anyone who came away, it got to the point we had gotten too big and couldn`t display our products with efficiency so started looking for a static venue, we have been at our shop now for 3 years and this has been an amazing journey, I came into the shop when we reopened in January this year after our break (Xmas eve to Mid January is our holiday time) as I had resigned my position with the company I worked for to focus and support Michelle in a better way since the Covid Episode.

We are dedicated to making a difference in our country and are always happy to assist anyone coming instore as it seems more and more people are turning more towards a Natural/Holistic lifestyle. Come in and say “Hi”, stay for a while, and start a wonderful relationship with others who care and are here to help.

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