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Seasons Greetings - Time of Joy and resetting energy

Seasons Greetings - Time of Joy and resetting energy


'This time of year is not just about Christmas. It has been a tough year. Yes, You need a pat on the back for making it this far. Most of us are very hard on ourselves. But hey, put your hand down if you haven't hard it hard or if you don't know anyone that has.'

Now is the time to think JOY and reset the energy.

'I was asked recently to think of joy. My reply...I can't. Then I was asked to think of a time in my life when it was joyful. It took me a while and then I thought of the time my twins were born and how proud I was to be their Mum. Yes that did bring me joy. And now I can start thinking of other moments, like when I got married.'

'So bringing in the JOY from that moment into the now, will let me get through this time of year and to bring in POSTIVITY and the feeling of JOY. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!' We might need some help, like a healing or some Chill the F**k out roll on :-) (Yes we sell it! and locally made) And It is OK to ask for help' xox

'And thank you for supporting our business. It does make a difference. We need to support as many local businesses as we can.' Michelle

Now on the subject of ENERGY CLEARING

Some of you may be moving home or having a cleanout. Remember to sage or burn a vanilla candle.

If you have lost a loved one, burn a red candle and have a cuppa tea with them. It is amazing how Spirit works. I've tried it and my Grandad communicated through the flickering of the candle. Hey even if it doesn't flicker, it is quite calming to take the time and think of those who have gone home to the Spirit World.

With it nearing the end of 2023 (Same goes for if you are moving) It is a good idea to clear out the old energy and reset the new energy. Using crystals, candles and sage is very beneficial. Once you have cleansed and reset the energy remember to protect. Black obsidian or tourmaline is very good. Use 4 pieces for the 4 corners of your home or work.

Come and talk to us if you would like to know more. Trevor and Janet also do house cleansings. And Janet works one on one to teach about cleansing ones self and protection. It can be simple to do. Often we are very good at complicating things. Or not doing something because we feel we do not have the tools or are scared to do it wrong.

Remember the old Nike saying? JUST DO IT (& Think of JOY!)


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