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Simple Health Tips That Work

Simple Health Tips That Work

When things go wrong, I tend to turn to Hair Analysis Testing.  Dr Janice Ann Priest has always pointed me in the right direction.  So I pulled out the apple cider vinegar and made myself a cup of green tea this morning. Here are some simple health tips that I found on the back of my son's hair test:

1  Avoid added sugar or artificial sugary foods.  Sugar increases one pain levels, drops ones mineral levels for at least two hours after ingesting and affects blood sugar levels, thus reducing your capacity to heal.  Also avoid sweet additives (such as Aspartame) due to any toxic conversion in the body.

2  Drink a cup of Green tea daily - preferably in the morning.  No milk and no sugar are to be added to the tea.  Green tea is a great antioxidant.  Another good herbal tea is Dandelion Root, which is good for your liver, kidneys and for detoxing.  (One cup or more in the morning is ideal).

3  Take one teaspoon to tablespoon of a good quality Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water daily.  Apple Cider Vinegar improves ones digestion and elimination systems, reduces acidity linked to chronic disorders, assists in lowering cholesterol and also helps to improve skin, hair, eyes and body tone.  Unless you have stomach ulcers (ref: For more info on Apple cider go to homeremediesweb.com)

4  Drink more water.  Replace all other types of liquid with water, and be sure to have a glass first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The body responds well to pure water to remain health.

5  Food suggestion to consider:  Lemons - Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of water and drink daily.  This helps to alkaline the body, eliminate a build up of acidity/crystals and is linked to many other health claims.  (ref. organicfacts.net care2.com/greenliving/16-health-benefits-of-lemons)  Eat less heavy protein - i.e. red meat, hard cheese.  Preserved meats are full of sulphates.  One can lower ones blood pressure simply by going on a vegetarian diet for 3-5 days or more before introducing light protein such as fresh fish, lentils etc. (ref mayo clinic  tinyurl.com/mdwg5co)  Fish Oils - Vit A & D fish oils are critical for your joints, brain, memory, skin, eyes and for combating depression.  Include more oily fish into your weekly diet for a healthier body.  (ref. What are the benefits of fish oils? medicalnewstoday.com/articles/40253.php)

6  Commit to loving yourself and enjoying the simple gift of healing.  Take time to bless your food, drink more water and eat more fresh fruit and vegies.  DO this along with following your genetic ancestral diet and by saying Thank You to your higher self.  (ref. Louise L Hay louisehay.com)

More information can be found at healthyoptions.co.nz  For hair tests  hairanalysis.co.nz    Also the book Our Health at Risk is a very interesting read.

Love and light, Michelle and the Team @thecrystalpoint

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