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Tuning into your new crystal

Tuning into your new crystal

You have a new crystal in your care, there are some things you need to know and understand. 

Crystals are transformational tools, they were born out of the transformation of fire, minerals and pressure from the development of Mother Earth.  They were created in transformation for transformation.  The amplify and channel energy.  

Now that you have one, to utilize its healing properties the crystal needs to be cleansed and charged for the intent.  Its purpose.

Cleansing the crystal of the negative energy it has absorbed in the process of being taken from the earth, distributed to our shop and all the people and places that have handled it.  This is a one-time cleansing.

Tune into yourself and your higher vibration - hold the crystal in your hands, say out loud or think, 'I clear this crystal of all negative vibrations it has experienced since coming out of Planet Earth.  And I thank the crystal for finding its way to me.'  You can use sunlight to remove old energy.  Be careful with some colours, sunlight makes them lighter if left there too long.  e.g. amethyst.  Do not leave in the sun for long periods of time.

Rainwater or flowing streams again are a great tool.  Again recheck as some crystals cannot take being in water. e.g. selenite.  In this case you can use brown rice.  (Dispose of the rice after into the bin.)

Charging Moonlight is the best time - full moon or new moon.  Visualizations to cleanse and charge.  And/or asking for Angelic help from the Angels above.

Setting the Intention Hold your crystal in your right hand.  Overlap it with your left hand.  Then state your intention for the crystal, 'For the highest good I set the intention to ..................,'  If it is for someone else state their name.  

Then thank the crystal for the support.  

An intention is something you want to amplify and achieve with the crystals help.

Acknowledgement to Kyle Gray and Janet Thomson for the information.

Love and light, Michelle and the Team @thecrystalpoint


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